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Short video clips
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Burning Bournemouth  First Burnin B'mouth of 2005
Weston Wheels 04, Edited video footage from Weston Wheels 2004,
                                                              thanks to mardy for this one.
Renault 5, spitting flames.  Dales R5 spitting flames sideways.
Renualt 5 Flaming  More Hot fun from Andy's R5.
Cossy Fiesta Twin Flamer  Cossy fiesta showing off its twin flame throwing.
JVC Mobile Girl  JVC Stand at Max Power London
Pioneer Stand Girls  Pioneer Girls at Max Power London.
SWC Rolling Road Day SWC rolling Road day, 30th Oct 2004.
Clip from the RAC Rally  Quick clip of a scooby in the RAC Rally
Renault 5 flames Vid of andy's R5 spitting flames.
Car Cleaning on the SWC stand.  at Weston Wheels 2004.
Warrens RX7 @ weston wheels  on the fuel stand.
Fuel Girls  Fuel Girls at weston wheels 2004
Dance Tent @ Weston Wheels Check out the dance tent from weston wheels.
Pole Dancing at Weston Wheels Autoleads Girls at WW 2004.
More Pole Dancing More pole dancing from weston wheels.
Max Power Girl @ Weston Wheels teasing at weston wheels.
Weston Wheels dance tent Clip from the dance tent 2004.
Max Power Stunt Driving Another clip from max power live,
Max Power MG stunt cars  Stunt cars @ max power live
Convoy to cruise  Another clip of the convoy to a cruise
Convoy to cruise  Convoy on the way to a cruise
Scooby Flames  Scooby at weekly meet doing flames
RM's RX7 Flaming 5.7mb  clip of RM's featured RX7 doing flames.
Saltash cruise  3 clips from saltash on the 14th sept.
American Beast  @ south west motor show 03
Flames. Escort van @ saltash cruise 7th june.
Rippin it up. Car park of games @ exeter cruise. 4th may.